Posted by: hanime303 | March 28, 2009

is it true?

Since I was 7 years old, I always thinking alone why my kampung’s name is PULAU MUSANG?

Is it because there are  many “musang” in my village? It is my kampung was a beautiful  island before?But until now I never had any chance to see any “musang”  around my village.

I asked my late grandfather, but he also don’t know how my kampung get its name.. At last, I make my own story about my lovely kampung.

One day, when I want to take my “slip peperiksaan”, a guy who incharge ask me is it I live in island ( since my kampung start with PULAU and my address was written at my exam slip). I started to “acah-acah ” him since I saw he was very interested with my village’s name..nghehehe…

Definitely I said, “Yes..I live in an island”

I said that I came  from “ulu + pedalaman”. I need to use sampan to make a move and there were many “musang “there! My life was very “kuno” and dangerous with “musang” around us . In my kampung no one have vehicles except basikal tua. (I tried to create sad story!) Although its look very hard but I said, I enjoyed live there.

 The guy looked at me seriously and try to confirm is it true..I just laugh and said ” ya..its time to liar!’If you are not trust me come to my village..

After I get  my slip..I quickly go and leave the guy seems I saw he try to “gatal-gatal n naik bulu-bulu”..hehehe..

 ” Oh NO…what  I have done…Wrong information+Wrong person to “acah-acah + main-main”..

If you, are you trust with my story?????

my lovely island and no musang!

my lovely island and no musang!



  1. very2 the kelakor story.. hahha.. n berjaya buat aku gelak.. hehe..
    pandai je mu reka2 cite ork..

    p/s: alert sungguh mu pasal bulan pemakanan ni.. tahniah2.. hehe..

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