My full name is Nurul Fatihah Hanim bt Ghani ( means cahaya pembukaan disayangi )

Can called me hanime

I am easy going girl

I love to laugh..ngahaha

( cam gelak jin jer ni )

During free time i love to read any kinds of books especially autobiography. I also love try new foods.

My favourite place are bookstores like kinokuniya,MPH, boarders and library.

I love cooking more than sewing…you can ask me to cook any kind of foods, InsyaALLAH, I will try although I am not expert in some recipes but if you ask me to sew, I will say no!

I love modern and  traditional music,films or dramas  that have moral value, arts and beautiful scene.

I was born on 3rd march 1987.

I  am the 3rd from 7 siblings.

My hometown is TERENGGANU…the place that famous with kepok lekor and penyu bertelur…

Currently study in UNIVERSITI KEBANGSAAN MALAYSIA branched kuala lumpur ( UKM KL) in nutrition degree.

Any sugesstion or opinion or question can be reached on my email:



  1. salam..nime! i never thot u hv ya very own blog… seriously! itd been a very long time we dun meet n have a chitchat.. hope the time will come really soon.. (T.T)

    may Allah bless you… and hope u always in good health and iman..

  2. salam ila..
    tq sudi jenguk my blog…
    uish macam mane leh jupe ni…
    lame tak jupe ila gak
    miss u..:p

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